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auditions in late January and early February, 2014.

ViVoce's stylistic range runs from Gregorian plainsong to rousing American folksongs. Our January winter concert included songs and stories from Macedonia, Appalachia, Germany, the American shape note tradition, and Renaissance Spain and Italy.

Members of ViVoce are experienced singers with good musicianship (sing a part independently and read music). We enjoy singing together and aiming for musical excellence. We rehearse Monday evenings (Sept. – June in NE Portland).

For more information about the group, including rehearsal and concert schedule for Spring/Summer 2014, or to arrange a time to sing for us, please contact:

Antonia Forster:    
Bennett Bailey:   

About ViVoce   

ViVoce performs folk and classical choral material in the Revels tradition, weaving past with present through song and story.  Led by Bennett Bailey, Music Director, and Jamie Lynn Webster, Ph.D., Asst. Music Director.

For the last three years, ViVoce and guest story-tellers have performed concerts at St. Michael’s celebrating the heart of winter and the summer solstice with folk songs and stories from around the world. ViVoce audience members find the concerts joyful, light-hearted and uplifting. The choir presents "exquisitely beautiful music" in counterpoint with well performed stories. Described as "technically superb," ViVoce evokes "the fire of ancient music."

One listener commented, "There were several occasions when my spine actually tingled and the hairs on the back of my neck were horizontal."



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